USTAR Funded Projects

Adranos Aerospace

Adranos Aerospace/Energetics is developing rocket propellent that is more efficient and more powerful, as well as more environmentally friend, than traditional fuels. The technology provides enhanced capacity and extended range for a variety of military and aerospace applications.

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Alistair Ward

Alistair Ward is developing health IT approaches for examining large volumes of genomic data to aid diagnosis through a collaboration with ARUP.

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Applied BioSensors

Applied Biosensors are experts in biochemical monitoring. Their breakthrough technology allows continuous biochemical monitoring, which allows for safer, more-cost effective development for a variety of bio-related products.

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Base2 Genomics

Base2 Genomics provides a costeffective gene discovery analytic platform to discover the cause of rare and ultra-rare inherited conditions at a scale never before attempted.

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Blyncsy uses proprietary sensors, data analytics, and electronic signatures to identify and predict congestion and measure foot traffic to allow companies to better understand their customer base.

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Brian Mazzeo

Brian Mazzeo is developing a system to map hidden concrete cracks using acoustic technology to “hear” subsurface defects. This will reduce catastrophic infrastructure failures.

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Ceramatec partnered with the U of U for this project.

Ceramatec is creating adjustable-tint window films with the application of retrofitting commercial and residential buildings to increase energy efficiency

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Chris Winstead

Chris Winstead is developing new methods to reduce energy consumption at data storage centers. This addresses energy concerns in the Big Data Era

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Christopher Trampel

Christopher Trampel is doing research to develop wireless sensors that can be implanted for the purpose of long-range transmission of physiological health data.

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Clayton Williams

Craig Selzman is exploring a treatment for severe heart failure through a combination of electrical stimulation of nerves and a mix of tissue repair proteins and stem cells to improve heart function.

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Conensus’ technology enables companies to drive agreement across the stakeholders in the buying group. CONSENSUS is an application that accelerates B2B sales by driving agreement across stakeholders in the buying group. An interactive demo automation platform personalizes video and documents so each stakeholder automatically learns about solutions in the most relevant way. Clients have cut their sales cycles by 68% and jumped close rates by 44%.

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Coreform is commercializing the first isogeometric analysis (IGA) finite element analysis (FEA) software for use in crash-simulations. Coreform develops high-end simulation tools that make a tighter connection between design and engineering. The highest demand for this technology is in the automotive and aerospace industries.

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Craig Selzman

Craig Selzman is exploring a treatment for severe heart failure through a combination of electrical stimulation of nerves and a mix of tissue repair proteins and stem cells to improve heart function.

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Dah-Jye Lee

Dah-Jye Lee is focusing on robotic vision computation with applications in manufacturing automation, obstacle detection, and autonomous navigation.

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Danny Chou

Danny Chou has identified a lead molecule for an ultra-fast acting human insulin. Such insulins are important for meal-time use by persons with Type l diabetes.

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Dentavations has patented a revolutionary new tool that uses a high-pressure stream of water for cavity preparations rather than a drill bit. The Waterjet is quieter, faster, and more versatile. Dentavations is working to complete final stage development and seek FDA approval.

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DPI-IPG is developing a system of sensors to use radio frequency imaging technologies to assess the physical wear and condition of industrial conveyor belts to reduce maintenance time and increase efficiency.

Eastwind Networks

Eastwind Networks is building the first-of-its-kind approach in the cybersecurity industry to use minimal signals about malicious activity from different sources to learn new anomalous activity on demand. Their Breach Analytics Cloud platform employs machine learning algorithms, behavior analytics and threat hunter technologies to prevent or even predict data breach problems. If an issue does arise, Eastwind’s technology speeds up response time and enables improved forensic analysis. The company is a proud member of Dell’s Founders 50 program and actively participates with the Utah Tech Council to promote cyber technology and security within the state.

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EBM – Emissions Based Maintenance

Emissions Based Maintenance has developed sensor and data analytics that allow for the remote monitoring of diesel engines to reduce pollution, increase gas mileage, and decrease maintenance on diesel trucks.

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Electric Power Systems

Electric Power Systems Partnered with USU for this project.

EP Systems announced relocation to Utah specifically to take advantage of the USTAR Industry Partnership Program, as well as other state programs and opportunities such as working with scientists and engineers at USU. Electric Power Systems announced they will expand manufacturing to Logan Utah, bringing a potential 128 jobs over seven years. EP Systems manufactures lithium-ion energy storage systems that utilize software controls and packaging elements to provides Highly Reliable custom High Voltage battery systems.

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Enve Composites

Based in Ogden, UT, ENVE Composites designs and manufactures the best bicycle wheels in the world. ENVE Composites’ patented process of molding in spoke holes is just one example of their many proprietary technologies. Because carbon fiber gets its strength from continuous, unbroken fibers, ENVE routes the fibers around the hole which increases the strength of each spoke hole. This technique pays large dividends in the final product by allowing for a lighter spoke face in the rim without compromising strength. Because of this process, ENVE’s spoke holes are capable of resisting higher spoke tensions which greatly reduces the risk of spoke pull-through during wheel-build and on the road. In 2010, ENVE won a TCG grant from USTAR that prevented 10 jobs from being moved overseas. Since then, they have continued to use their technology to innovate the bicycle wheel and component industries.

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Farhang Wireless

Farhamg Wireless is a developer of state-of-the-art MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) technology. Farhang Wireless’ goal is to provide IP cores to chipset makers and companies developing FPGA (field-programmable gate array) solutions. Applications include: cellular tower equipment, LTE small-cells, next generation LTE based broadband for communities without cabled internet, and WiFi.

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foreUP is an innovative management system and marketing solution for golf industry. They provide intuitive and easy to use software based on real users for users.

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G3 Engineering

G3 was established in 2008, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, one of the largest composite hubs in the nation. The company is dedicated to using their unique background in the composite industry to improve infusion processes and equipment. Their manufacturing space is dedicated to quality and safety, supplying customers with great products and customer support.

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Go Quiet Pro

Go Quiet Pro, a company administered by Brenkman and Company, LLC and located in the Utah Valley, is applying active noise cancelling (ANC) technology to the trucking and heavy equipment industries. The company has worked in partnership with Brigham Young University (BYU) and Caterpillar to develop an ANC device that can be installed or retro-fitted into the cabs of diesel semi-trucks to cancel engine noise that has been known to cause hearing damage. The active noise cancelling preserves hearing and reduces costs for worker’s comp and medical care.

Granite Mountain Technologies

Granite Mountain Technology uses digital circuitry to reduce energy use without compromising performance. This could be transformative for data centers and power plants by reducing expensive energy costs.

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Founded in 2008, Helidyne is a privately held company headquartered in Washington, Utah. Its primary focus is the development and manufacturing of the planetary rotor expander and its integration into automated “plug-n-play” power generation packages. Initial target markets include offshore oil platforms, waste pressure recovery, and gas processing applications found in the Oil & Gas industry.

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i-CalQ, a life science device company based out of Salt Lake City, is using smartphone attachments and corresponding image analysis software applications to accurately perform point-of-care, single-use, lateral flow diagnostic tests. Currently, the company has tests for thyroid disease and another for measuring salivary cortisol levels. These tests can be performed inexpensively and produce results in as little as 20 minutes.

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IDT Services

IDT is a small SBA certified HUBZone business with over a decade of transportation experience located in Caliente, Nevada and Cedar City, Utah. Since 1997 IDT has been gaining a reputation for innovative solutions to complex national problems. With help from USTAR, IDT Services developed an automatic equipment identification reader system (AEI reader) and an improved heat-sensing RFID hub tag system that tracks railcars and determines when equipment needs servicing. The company’s solution was so successful that Union Pacific acquired the company’s IP portfolio and has collaborated with IDT on another project.

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Inertial Sense

Inertial Sense is a privately owned U.S. company that specializes in the development and distribution of miniature high-performance GPS Inertial Navigation Systems, Attitude Heading Reference Systems, and Inertial Measurement Units. The company was founded in July of 2013 is located in Salem, Utah, an hour south of Salt Lake City.

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Irina Polejaeva

Irina Polejaeva is using advanced gene transfer technology to understand heart arrhythmia that puts humans at risk for heart attacks and strokes.

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iVeena has multiple products at various stages of commercialization that focus on a range of eye issues. The company was awarded TAP funding through USTAR at the start of 2017 to support their minimally invasive glaucoma surgical (MIGS) device called the Schlemm’s stent-sieve. S3 helps control pressure in the eye by draining fluid naturally through the Schlemm’s canal. A stent is strategically placed in the eye to continuously drain fluid and control the pressure that damages vision following cataract and other optical surgery.

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Jan Miller

Jan Miller is creating a new material to compete with Lithium-ion battery solvents. Use of a solid polymer electrolyte will be tested to determine if it improves safety.

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Jixun Zhan

Jixun Zhan has developed a synthetic biomanufacturing process to produce a blue dye with natural antioxidant and anti-microbial effects. Applications include textiles, food, beverages, and cosmetics.

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John Hedengren

John Hedengren has invented and prototyped an efficient hydraulic lift mechanism for oil well rigs. Next in the commecialization process will be developing an automation system.

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John Sohl

John Sohl has created a lightweight air sampling system with sensors that can be affixed to drones, research balloons, or aerostats to collect air quality data. Operation is surpassing current air sampling devices.

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Jon Takemoto

Jon Takemoto is developing a chemical that will reduce the overuse of chemical fungicides to control crop and turf diseases. Compound mixtures are being assessed for their economic and environmental impact.

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Kai Kuck

Kai Kuck has developed a device to monitor and record renal and urinary oxygenation during surgery. Early detection of changes in oxygen levels may predict acute renal injury often associated with cardiac surgeries.

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KiLife Tech

KiLife is developing a wearable device for personal mobility tracking that transmits radio signals from the wearer to a network. This technology will help give peace of mind to those caring for children and the elderly.

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Knudra Transgenics

Knudra Transgenics was formed in late 2009. The Knudra Team has a combined over 30 years of experience in making transgenic organisms. Knudra uses the latest advances in genome engineering to build powerful platforms of medical discovery. Knudra uses technology licensed from the University of Utah to turn a small-model organisms into a platform for biomedical discovery.

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KP Biosciences

KP Biosciences is a broad-spectrum antiviral company that is developing treatments for some of the world’s most problematic infectious diseases, including pox viruses and herpes viruses.

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L3 Technologies

L3 Technologies partnered with USU for this project.

The goal of this project is to improve UAV and drone performance. The antenna for UAVs like Predator and Global Hawk is located in the front in a bulky cavity and smaller drones don’t have room for an onboard antenna.

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LightLine Medical

LightLine Medical (formerly Veritas Medical)  has developed a platform technology which will address Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in multiple areas. LightLine Medical’s devices employs a novel visible light phototherapy technology to actively disinfect the device while residing within a patient’s body.

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Marc Maguire

Marc Maguire has pioneered a reinforced plastic composite to sandwich between concrete panels in buildings to increase thermal efficiency and reduce cost.

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Matthew Memmott

Matthew Memmott is developing methods for purifying and producing three essential medical nuclear isotopes from the fuel salt in a molten salt reactor.

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MetaShield is a nanotechnology company operating in the emerging field of advanced materials – engineered materials with extraordinary properties not typically found in nature. MetaShield’s core technologies are currently being used to create coatings that have the ability to impart extraordinary properties to ordinary products without altering their size, weight, or appearance.

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Nano Synth

We are the forefront researching team making cutting-edge advancements in the fields of chemistry, biology, alternative energy and adaptable technology. Nano Synth’s core technology spans several scientific fields and avenues for application. Tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health problem and one of the most important causes of death from an infectious disease. In 2012, 8.6 million people developed TB and 1.3 million died from the disease.

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Navigen Pharmaceuticals

Navigen Pharmacetuals is a drug discovery and development company that is currently focusing on treatment and prevention of HIV and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) as well as promising immune checkpoint targets for cancer therapies.

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Niivatech is developing a radar system for the purpose of realtime detection of avalanches with accompanying software to alert customers with detailed reporting.

NovaBio Technologies

NovaBio is developing a coil-shaped and biodegradeable device that holds together tendons and ligaments that distributes tension, decreasing risk of reruptures and the need for revision surgeries after ligament and tendon repair.


nView Medical

nView medical is bringing the next generation image guidance products to market. With its flagship technology – insta3D – nView will be able to assist surgeons in achieving greater accuracy than with conventional imaging, in real-time and without interfering with the surgical workflow. nView has developed a 3D imaging system to improve the CT scanners of guided surgical procedures. Advances include higher resolution, less radiation, and improved surgical outcomes.

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Optisys, a West Jordan based startup company, is 3D printing lightweight, high quality, metal antennas for aerospace applications. Optisys was formed in the summer of 2016, but their team has over 60 years’ experience between them. Their innovative antenna designs are crafted using the most modern manufacturing methods and meet rigid Mil-spec requirements. The approach shortens lead times, closes variability between systems and improves efficiency.

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OxEon Energy

The OxEon Energy team boasts over 30 years of solid oxide fuel cell development, with the last 10 years focused on the development and improvement of solid oxide electrolyzers. This development history has led to a ruggedized, hermetic stack design that will be capable of utilizing electricity for the production of hydrogen or syngas. The OxEon design will enable energy storage solutions capable of addressing the many challenges facing the integration of renewable energy sources.

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Pollen Sense

Pollen Sense is a fully-automated pollen sensor that collects and images pollen and other particulates down to less than 5?m in real-time. USTAR funding is being applied toward developing automated classification and identification of pollen.

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Raj Rajamani

Raj Rajamani has created a method of sorting metals of high economic value from scrap metal waste. This innovation increases the recycling capture and reduces waste.

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Randy Lewis

Randy Lewis can synthetically produce several spider silk proteins to exploit their unique properties in periodontal chips, medical sutures, and coated catheters.

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RodMax Oil & Gas

RodMax Oil & Gas, a company based out of Lindon, Utah was founded in 2014. RodMax is developing a control mechanism to optimize and automate pumping action of oil well operation to improve energy efficiency of the well and maximize extraction.

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SAB Capra

SAB Capra Partnered with USU* for this project.

This project focuses on targeted human immunoglobulin to treat infectious diseases and aims to find less expensive antibody production and potential to increase consistency in batches of therapeutics.

SAB Capra, LLC. is a privately-held, emerging bioscience company developing targeted human polyclonal antibodies for use in diagnostics and testing, immunotherapeutics and personalized medicine applications. The company is advancing its novel antibody production platform leveraging transgenic goats utilizing some of the most advanced polyclonal science in the world.

The company is a Utah-based wholly owned subsidiary of SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing human antibody therapeutics using its first-of-its-kind natural human immunotherapy platform leveraging transgenic animals genetically designed to produce large amounts of human polyclonal antibodies in response to a target disease.

*grant funds are awarded to the university partner and matched by the industry partner.

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Sharp Eyes is developing adaptive lenses with software that continuously adjusts the lens magnification to give clear images at very near and midrange distances, eliminating bifocals.

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Shawn Owen

Shawn Owen has invented a customizable, quick, single-step diagnostic assay to detect proteins through their properties as antigens or antibodies.

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Simple Nexus

Simple Nexus Loan Calculator is built and designed to be a simple Mortgage Calculator. Customized, personalized, and branded for Mortgage Professionals such as Loan Officers, Loan Originators, and other professionals who typically need a more complex calculator and special knowledge to accurately calculate their monthly mortgage payments.

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Stephen Whitmore

Stephen Whitmore’s recent research focus at USU is on the development of piloted simulation models for lunar-return lifting reentry vehicles, with an emphasis of developing high-precision low-dispersion footprint techniques for lifting aero-capture and aero assist.

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Steven Castle

Steven Castle has discovered a new effect of specialized amino acids to protect peptides against degradation. These can be used to improve the therapeutic window of the medicine.

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StreamDX has fabricated a urine collection device for the at-home diagnosis of male urinary disorders. The device will improve measurement accuracy, reducing physician costs.

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T3S Technologies

T3S Technologies is advancing protein bio-manufacturing through proprietary bacterial hosts. This will significantly increase the effective yield of product and reduce cost.

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Teruo Okano

Teru Okano’s research team is creating new cell sheets that will allow for creating “patches” for damaged organs such as heart, artiledge and other human organs.

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TherapEase Innovations

TherapEase provides a unique system that assists with mobility exercises during post-surgical knee recovery that reduces recovery time and increases the range of motion.

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Tianbiao Liu

Tianbiao Liu intends to build and test the feasibility of a magnesiumsulphur battery as a rechargeable, economical, and electrochemical energy source.

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Timothy Doyle

Timothy Doyle is developing a high frequency ultrasound emitter to help detect cancer. The technology may be used to pinpoint the margins of tumors more precisely than any other method currently in use.

Turner Innovations

Using USTAR funds, Turner Innovations has developed a wireless, portable x-ray imaging device that weighs just 17 pounds. The device, which fits in a carry-on suitcase, can be used in a variety of applications, from the operating room to the slopes to the battlefield.

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Verde seeks to create renewable energy by pre-treating green and woody waste to more efficiently create a sustainable source of fuel in the form of biomethane.


Vivcor Systems

Vivcor is developing an illuminated highway lane marking and hazard alert system for intelligent traffic management. Results will include safer roads and less heavy traffic.

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WesTech partnered with USU for this project.

WesTech offers equipment and working solutions for water, wastewater and industrial applications. The USTAR IPP grant funds development of a commercial algal application in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from municipal wastewater.

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Wovyn is developing a series of advanced IoT sensors intended to provide a new level of security and programming capability compatible with any existing software.

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XEnd Medical Systems

XEnd Medical Systems is developing nested, thin-walled needles that reduce contamination by skin microbes during eye surgery. These will reduce the potential for loss of vision.

XEnd Medical Systems mission is to reduce the incidence of infections caused by hypodermic needle injections. Invented by a world-renowned eye surgeon, the “Antibacterial Hypodermic Needle and Syringe (AHNS)” is designed to prevent bacteria on the surface from being transported to the body’s interior by a hypodermic needle. This is a serious problem for patients receiving injections of medication into spaces with little ability to fight infection, including the eye, certain joints, cerebrospinal fluid and any injection where the patient is severely immunosuppressed. The AHNS is expected to drive better patient outcomes and to sharply lower treatment and liability costs.


XTIRI was forged in the heat of the technology battle between paper solutions, paperless solutions, and digital data solutions. Transitioning from paper to paperless electronic information for some business industries proved too costly or too disruptive. We discovered an easy way to bridge this gap and have developed a mobile, secure, private, easy-to-use cloud storage solutions allowing your business process to move quickly into the digital world without abandoning your paper business process or disrupting your entire operation.

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Young-Min Lee

Young-Min Lee has applied molecular cloning techniques in developing a potential Zika vaccine. This process is safer and more efficient than traditional methods.

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Z. Zak Fang

Z. Zak Fang is developing a novel and cost-effective method for producing titanium powder for 3D printing. Titanium’s unique qualities make it desirable to both military and business.

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