Utah Nanofab

Utah Nanofab

The Utah Nanofab brings together two teams of experienced researchers, engineers and scientists with backgrounds in nano-fabrication, nano-scale surface analysis, and industrial process design. The Nanofab is housed in the James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building: A USTAR Innovation Center at the University of Utah. Download an overview and equipment list here.

Surface Analysis Lab

The Surface Analysis Lab is the Utah Nanofab’s analysis branch. It is home to the ~5,000 square foot microscopy suite containing optical, electron, and ion microscopes. The lab’s team of scientists and researchers have years of experience in the fields of surface topography, surface chemistry and optical and dielectric properties of materials. Find out more about specific instruments and techniques at the Surface Analysis Lab’s website or use the contact information on the contact us page to find out more.

Utah Nanofab Cleanroom

The Utah Nanofab Cleanroom is the Utah Nanofab’s fabrication and process design branch. with a team of experts with years of industrial and academic experience in nano-fabrication techniques. The class 100/1000/10,000 cleanroom provides world-class equipment for lithography, deposition, etching, packaging, and more.


Utah companies and non-University of Utah researchers and students may apply to USTAR to receive subsidized rates to use the facility. For more information, please contact Andrew Sweeney at 801.538.8762 or email: asweeney@utah.gov.

Get Access to the Nanofab

Interested in using the lab facilities at the Utah Nanofab or Surface Analysis and nano-Imaging Lab? Please visit the Nanofab website and view their Get Access to Our Lab page.