Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility

Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility

Located on Utah State University’s Innovation Campus, the USU Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility is designed and staffed to optimize large-scale development and production of bioproducts and raw cell material. The facility provides production capabilities for university faculty, researchers, and students, as well as private industries through state-of-the-art equipment and technical support.

The facility includes a world-class fermentation facility which generates substantial quantities of biomolecules for commercialization and scale-up performance evaluation.

Our unique facility enables scale-up optimization of fermentation bioproducts that can be grown and analyzed under a variety of growth conditions for maximum product yield and quality.


The Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility offers a range of lab equipment for rent. This includes pilot scale fermenters for process development, testing and productions, as well as centrifuges and tangential flow filtration devices for cell and product recovery.

Two New Brunswick BioFlo Pro 400 liter fermentors allow process optimization with a variety of setup options and data collection resources. A 100 liter New Brunswick BioFlo 610 fermentation system, which is also steam-in-place capable and fully automated, is available as a stand-alone or seed reactor.

For a complete listing of available equipment, please visit the Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility website.

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