110 Seconds to SBIR Success

110 Seconds To SBIR Success: Help is Here - Top 5 Reasons to Work With the USTAR SBIR Center

  • 1. Why SBIR Center? We understand the process.

    We’ll help you with all the details of your application to make sure it’s winnable.

    duration: 22 sec.

  • 2. Why SBIR Center? We know if you’re ready.

    We’ll review your grant components and help identify any that may need work or development prior to applying.

    duration: 22 sec.

  • 3. Why SBIR Center? We’re matchmakers.

    The most important factor in being awarded a SBIR-STTR grant is that your technology matches the criteria issued by the federal agency providing the grant.

    duration: 22 sec.

  • 4. Why SBIR Center? We increase your odds.

    When we help you, from consultation to submission and anywhere in between, you increase your odds of winning.

    duration: 22 sec.

  • 5. Why SBIR Center? We make your proposal stronger.

    Our resources ensure that your proposal for a grant is the strongest it can be, which increases your chance of winning.

    duration: 22 sec.