The BioInnovations Gateway is currently taking applications for private lab space and access to our specialized wet and prototyping lab facilities and equipment.

BiG is a high-tech incubator facility that has been fully customized to meet the needs of resident researchers while fostering a unique industry-based educational environment for the students of Granite School District. BiG’s facility is made up of both private and shared space for companies to conduct research and development. Resident researchers can rent private secured labs, offices, and cubical space while also having access to shared work and meeting spaces. Resident companies of BiG are generally early-stage, pre-revenue biotechnology and biomedical device companies. Because facility use rules prohibit actual manufacturing for sale, companies involved in research and product development, validation and testing, and preclinical testing offer the best opportunities for use of the facilities. Resident companies of BiG must be committed to the training mission of the facility and student experiential opportunities.Companies will be asked to provide technical and/or business seminars and are encouraged to use appropriately trained students as interns.

Download an equipment list pdf here.
Download a space breakdown pdf here.

Types of Spaces at BiG

All spaces at BiG have access to the facility’s shared spaces* which include a conference room, break room, mailbox, wet lab, autoclave, cleanroom and shop. In addition, all spaces include internet, power and janitorial.

To apply or for more information, please contact Ron Van Harten, at 385.602.6385 or ronvanharten@utah.gov.


Includes shared spaces, gas, air, suction, water, and DI water and a refrigerator/freezer.

The small labs range in size from 147-249 sq. feet


Includes shared spaces, gas, air, suction, water, and DI water and a refrigerator/freezer.

The large labs range in size from 522-536 sq. feet


Includes shared spaces, file cabinet and over head storage.

The cubicles are approx. 8′ x 8′


Includes access to shared spaces. Associate Memberships DO NOT include a private cube or office.


*Individual Spaces

Secure, dedicated laboratories vary in size and each contain chemical benches, gas, air, and vacuum supply, emergency power outlets, water, deionized water, and a hazardous material refrigerator. Several labs also include chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, and separate office space. Office cubicles include file cabinet and over-head storage.

*Shared Workspaces
BiG clients have access to the facility’s shared spaces which include a formal conference room, breakroom, and mailbox as well as four specialized workspaces. The spaces include a wet/analytical lab, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) lab, a prototyping lab/machine shop, Class 10,000 clean room with a separate gowning area, and a media-prep room equipped with steam sterilizer.