UTAG Questions

    Why am I getting the error message "Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page?

    Try logging out (option in the upper right) and then logging back in.

    The instructions say that in the budget justification we should “identify any private or government funds raised to date or pending” and any anticipated funding (items “e” and “f”). I have 2 questions about this statements. The budget justification template does not have a place where I should include this information. Where should I include this information.

    You may include this information in a new section, section E.

    The instructions mentions that there are several templates that I should download from the application site. However, I cannot get past the first page. The system does not let me move to the next page until I complete the information requested. For example, in the first page I have to enter the amount of funds requested. If I enter a value there so that I can move to the next page, can I go back and change the information in those fields? I am afraid of entering information and not being able to change it at a later stage.

    Yes, you can enter a value so you can move to another page. You will have the ability to edit your application until you hit the “submit” button.

    Can a PI submit more than one letter of intent?

    A PI may submit more than one letter of intent if the technologies are different.

    What is the maximum allowable budget amount USTAR is able to consider?

    USTAR receives an annual appropriation. Therefore, funding for UTAG is dependent on USTAR’s appropriation. There is no minimum/maximum or suggested amount. Budgets and proposals should be driven by the cost associated with the milestones.

    Can someone serve as a co-PI on two funded grants simultaneously?


    I have already submitted two LOI's and I am the PI for both and I have a Co-PI on one of them. Since at the end of the day, I cannot serve as the PI on two grants, is it possible for us to switch our roles and my colleague become the PI instead of me on one of those proposals? The current LOI is under my name.

    Yes. However, all senior personnel must comply with University regulations on % effort on a grant. Additionally, roles and responsibilities must be detailed in the biosketch and the budget justifications. It must be clear that the new PI has the expertise and experience to oversee the projects.