Grant Programs

Due to budget and legislative constraints, USTAR will not accept proposals for its grant programs until further notice. Please refer questions to


USTAR is the State of Utah’s technology catalyst, accelerating the growth of the innovation ecosystem from invention through product development. Guided by Utah’s economic clusters, USTAR supports technology entrepreneurs and innovators through training, funding and incubator and accelerator programs; brokering technology transfer by connecting capital, management and industry, addressing market gaps in Utah’s technology ecosystem and strengthening the state’s research capacity. For downloadable information sheets on each program, click here.


The Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) is a USTAR competitive grant program that supports private sector technology development for Utah-based companies. While designed for start-ups and early stage companies, mature companies can apply to TAP for development of a new technology or product. Proposed work can include, but is not limited to, research and development, proof of concept, product validation, and product development. TAP grants must be used to accelerate the development and commercialization of a technology and project proposals must identify specific technical milestones leading to the proposed outcome.


The purpose of USTAR’s University Technology Acceleration Grant (UTAG) program is to support research and development of specific technologies that have significant commercial potential but need additional development before they can be spun out from the university setting. This funding addresses an innovation ecosystem gap between federal research dollars and angel investment, the “valley of death.”


Driven by industry demand, the IPP promotes the development, acceleration and commercialization of innovative technologies by teaming industry and university research expertise to address specific technology problems or gaps identified by a company. The program is open to companies that have a substantial presence in Utah and have identified a specific technology challenge that, if solved, would result in a positive economic impact for the state.


The Science and Technology Initiation Grant (STIG)  is intended to assist university researchers in developing preliminary data or proof of concept experimentation in order to compete for large federal grants or private funding. (i.e. foundation or nonprofit) STIG resources are not available for targeting SBIR/STTR funding.


The Energy Research Triangle is a competitive grant program aimed at fostering energy innovation across Utah’s universities. The program offers two categories of grants – one that encourages collaboration among researcher professors across the state, and another for university students, designed to elevate the next generation of energy researchers.