Startup Orgs

Startup Organizations

  • Beehive Startups

    Beehive Startups is an independent organization committed to covering Utah’s startup and tech ecosystem. Beehive Startups spotlights Utah startups, organizes events tailored to the startup and tech community, reports Utah startup and tech news, conducts in-depth interviews, writes extensive profile stories on Utah’s most compelling entrepreneurs.

    Visit the Beehive Startups website here

  • Boom Startup

    Boom Startup provides mentorship-driven investment. The purpose of BoomStartup is to help great tech ideas find an optimal business model, create a minimal viable product that is revenue-ready, execute into revenue generation, and then make connections to customers and investors. The goal is that the companies will warrant investment from angel investors, venture capitalists, and banks.

    Visit the Boom Startup website here

  • BYU Technology Transfer

    BYU Technology Transfer protects and commercializes technologies invented at Brigham Young University. The office provides expertise in business relationships, negotiations, protection of intellectual property, marketing, license agreements, contracts, and entrepreneurship.

    The primary purpose of the Technology Transfer Office is to facilitate the transfer of university-developed technologies to the marketplace. This is accomplished by protecting BYU intellectual property (usually through patents), and by subsequently licensing the protected intellectual properties to companies outside the university.

    Visit the Technology Transfer website here

  • Church and State

    Church & State is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and a no-strings-attached business incubator and entrepreneur center in Salt Lake City. A place where startups looking for resources and community support can seek refuge from predatory investors and incubators that demand position or percentage in exchange for services.

    Church & State has invested in clearing 100 percent of the debt and liability from this project to create a truly transparent and altruistic platform. In doing so, they’ve rewritten the traditional incubator model. Church & State has no lease, no mortgage, no tax liabilities, and no cash burden, so all of their participants—from startups to entrepreneurs—gain free will access to their services.

    Church & State is creating an open ecosystem for businesses to partake in. Resources are free to the entrepreneur. No cash, no debt, no obligations—just the opportunity to make a difference.

    Visit the Church & State website here

  • Impact Hub

    Impact Hubs are where change goes to work. Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center, Impact Hub offers their members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow impact. They believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose. Joining their diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable entrepreneurs to develop their best work every step of the way.

    Visit the Impact Hub Salt Lake website here

  • Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

    The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is a nationally ranked hub for student entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Utah and an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business. The first programs were offered in 2001, through the vision and support of Pierre Lassonde, an alumnus of the Eccles School and successful mining entrepreneur. The institute now provides opportunities for thousands of students to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation. Programs include workshops, networking events, business-plan competitions, startup support, innovation programs, graduate seminars, scholarships, community outreach, grants, office space, meetups, certificates, degrees and a residential experience program at Lassonde Studios and more. All programs are open to students from any academic major or background.

    Visit the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute website here

  • MEP Utah

    MEP assists manufacturing businesses address challenges related to operational and business process optimization and provides a complete suite of educational services, custom courses, workshops, and technology and business training.

    Visit the MEP website here

  • Salt Mine

    Productive workspaces offer the right balance of collaborative and private environments. Experience this generous community of startups, independent professionals, and remote teams to inspire your most passionate productivity.

    Visit the Salt Mine website here

  • Sustainable Startups

    Sustainable Startups is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing support and education to early-stage entrepreneurs passionate about improving the economic, environmental and social sustainability of our community. Specifically, they assist underserved entrepreneurs, those early-stage entrepreneurs who want to explore their ideas and join a community, but lack opportunities and resources to do so. They also work closely with social entrepreneurs, those using business to tackle society’s challenges. Finally, they work with values-driven entrepreneurs, those building values-based businesses and organizations from a variety of industries.

    Visit the Sustainable Startups website here

  • Technology and Venture Commercialization (TVC)

    Technology & Venture Commercialization (formerly the Technology Commercialization Office) at the University of Utah is dedicated to commercializing new technologies and inventions from discoveries made and developed at the University of Utah. They accomplish this by applying a stage-gated, milestone-driven process that has as an end-goal of licensing intellectual property, building beneficial commercial partnerships, supporting our community and educating students.

    TVC and related departments are dedicated to growing a culture of innovation. They strive to create the programs, services and partnerships necessary to support existing progress and promote additional commercialization and entrepreneurship. This is done by collaborating across the campus, state, nation and world to build the connections needed to drive sustained innovation.

    Visit the TVC website here